Medicine body workshop in Budapest

Photos by Nagy Imre Kővágó

Every time, when I guide sensory practice, I am thrilled to witness beauty of our body in pure focus (presence). Senses have been a core element for me to understand about energy in my medicine practice as well as artistic research for 15 years.

Through senses, we can communicate with our body and the environment. We can receive and exchange energy. Through senses, we create our own perception of the world.

Last September, Medicine body workshop was held in Korean cultural center in Budapest as a part of Body. radical performing arts biennale. It was my first visit in Hungary. So all my senses were open and curious to meet Hungarian people and their culture. I was amazed by people’s sensitivity and kindness that are quite similar to Asian culture somehow.

I was also amazed by the facilities in Korean cultural centre. This is a biggest Korean cultural centre in Europe, that was opened in 2019. After going through Covid situation, from this year, the centre is actively organising cultural events. It was special for me to be part of the Korean waves and see Korean culture growing in Europe.

In the workshop, we worked through feeling and listening by touch. Touch is our vital sense to feel and connect. We embodied a way of moving from a frontier where the body and surrounding is divided yet connected. And moving & stillness as a movement principle, which is a fundamental principle of energy dynamic ( Yin &Yang) in Oriental medicine.

I feel thankful to the participants with their openness and willingness. I am happy to share this precious practice that supports us to step into a sensory world where we can discover our potential and create our own reality.

Seeing is believing. 

Feeling is knowing. 

Listening is owning.

About Ko Jihae

She is a registered acupuncturist, dance artist & somatic movement practitioner based in Amsterdam. Her work deals with healing and creation through sensory awareness and therapeutic process.

She is a co-founder of Medicine body studio in Amsterdam where she facilitates ongoing sessions. She works closely with clients with body-mind symptoms and women’s health.

Recently, she is presenting a ritual performance ‘Planetary acupuncture’ in specific locations. She offers her creation for the earth.