Huichi’s dream

I had the most beautiful dream.

My parents, my grandma and Víctor.

Walking alongside the Paseo de las Yesería near where I live.

City tour for my granny to see Spanish old ladies getting together

for a glass of vermouth,

a cup of coffee in the afternoon.


I also dreamt about an old flat where I lived.

Some damp stains on the wall.

Old, empty, charming place.

Something disturbing me. 

All plants were in tiny pots, covered in plastic bags.

I uncover them finally. They can breathe freely now.

My grandma’s birthday party, maybe.

Celebration at late night.

+Working with dreams and symbols. An urgent inquiry on translation of human innate wisdom and knowledge. Dream awareness as a bridge to invisible and intangible world where human existence can connect to deeper dimensions of reality.

+Dreamwork by J.Ko & H. Chiu