Upcoming workshop ‘Medicine Body’                                                                                           12th May 1-5pm @ Anamorphic studio @OT301, Overtoom 301 Amsterdam 

This workshop is open for people wanting to connect on a deeper level to their own body, heart and mind as well as finding answers to their personal questions in a safe and nurturing environment. By understanding and applying the principles of intention, transformation and manifestation, we will learn how to bring clarity, focus and dreaming vision into any area of our life.

In this workshop we will take a closer look at the relationship between feeling and thinking, consciousness and intuition, Active state (Yang energy) and Receptive state (Yin Energy) to explore various tools for empowering our hearts to be creative, responsive and intelligent. This process will guide us to getting back to the power of our true presence that is deeply rooted in our bodies as a self- healing medicine.

Self-Inquiry, guided movement practice, writing, drawing and hands-on practice are part of the work in order to support us in our exploration of the theme.

-Introduction to Inquiry & Essential Movement: how the body and mind co-working together as a medicine.
-Sensory practice & Yin Yang energy awareness: awakening the body senses and energy awareness
-Inquiry, writing & Drawing for clarifying intention, Transformation, Manifestation of our personal process
-Hands-on practice: Listening, feeling, resting, allowing and communicating through touch.

PRICE: 60 euro
EARLY BIRD: 50 euro (before 1st May)
REGISTRATION: jihaeko79@gmail.com


Jihae Ko is a dance artist, movement teacher as well as a certified acupuncturist, hands-on therapist based in Amsterdam. She worked as a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer. She brings years of experience and understanding of body knowledge into her therapy practice.

In recent years her work deals with somatic movements through the sensory and the perceptual, as a way of investigating the co- creative relation between Body Mind Heart and environment.

Graduated from Acupuncture therapy in Shenzou open university of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NL), Dance choreography (BA) in Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and Modern Dance in The school of Toronto dance theater (CA). Trained in several courses such as Qigong, various hands-on practice and somatic movement practice such as continuum movement, authentic movement, body weather training and Co-creation awareness.

She is invited to teach somatic movement and dance workshops for Korean Dance Therapy Association, Seoul Buddhism University, Seoul Dance Center, Co-creation retreats and various groups as well as coaching private lessons.

She is committed to bridging art and therapy as a path where creativity and inter-personal growth meet.

Kay Patru is a choreographer, dance artist, certified body worker, and improvisation teacher currently based in Amsterdam. His work focuses primarily on developing improvisation tools and a somatic inquiry practice to deepen the awareness of the body and explore deep states of creativity and self-expression.

Kay has been invited as guest teacher and trainer in various dance and body therapy-oriented centers in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Seoul.