Catalonia, Spain



About Land research
Body is our home, as is the larger body of the earth and the largest body of the universe. When these bodies move in harmony, a dance unfolds.

This on-going research project inquires a direct connection & dialogue between Body and Environment, how we can bridge our consciousness and artistic process for co-existence within the nature where we live in.

In this research, we dive into the transformative process between sensorial body and environment through senses and awareness. Allowing body as a sensorial tuning instrument that is receptive and connected to the surrounding. This process-oriented work has two folds.

1. Site Specific | Sensory fieldwork

+ Focus on the primary senses of the body to tune into the direct perception of the surroundings. Allow the body to be informed by the ecosystem and the various habitats presents on site.

2. Microcosmos + Macrocosmos | Translation

+ Mapping the sensorial explorations, movement & voice work, video registration & sound recording. Developing site-specific choreographic scores.

+ Rituals: Connecting & offering. Sacred body | Sacred nature, direct knowledge.

Main elements of the research

-Sensory practice: unfolding the process of seeing, listening, feeling and sensing.

-Body pilgrimage : Foot – Legs -Womb- Heart. Exploring the theme of the body parts with somatic awareness and guideline from the book of symbols as a reference.

-Movement & Voice arise as a form a primitive language before words & thoughts. Using movement as a means of connecting human with nature and art with real life, walking on the thresholds of earth, wind, water, fire, and mountains, finding beauty and meaning in the forces of nature.

-Energy: life force, direct source of life.
Chinese medicine energy system, 5 elements.
Yin (potential energy, nourishment, listing and healing, mother earth, water)
Yang (active energy, movement, drive, force & creation, Sky, Fire)
The conscious & The unconscious
Doing & Non-doing ( moving & witness practice)
Experiencing & being experienced

-Inquiry & non-dual practice

-Drawings and symbols. Study of the human body symbolism and the healing and transcendental dimension.

-Video registration & Voice recording. Process of observation & listening.

– Presence / Silence : Allowing observation guiding into action → Becoming One with the surrounding

Collaboration by Jihae Ko, Laia Llongueres & K.Patru / Tortella-Beuda-Olot, Catalonia, 2018