Planetary Acupuncture

“Human body is a miniature of nature, made out of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. These elements are always living within us, to regenerate and nourish us in order to maintain life.” -Oriental Medicine

Planetary Acupuncture reflects on the origin of dance as a ritual. In ancient times, dance was a sacred language to communicate with the cosmos. Dance was an offering to bring a spiritual connection to the community.

By revisiting the initial role of dance, the ritual performance holds a space for the dancer and the audience to bring a ritualistic gesture for the trees that symbolise the earth energy.

The work is based on 5 elements to explore the ancient teachings in our contemporary body to re-learn and re-cover our inseparable relation between human & nature (environment).

Planetary Acupuncture was premiered in the 7th Body. Radical Performing Arts Biennale 2021 and performs in several locations as an on-going site-specific act.

*Concept/Performance: Jihae Ko. *2019-2022, Vondel park Amsterdam (NL), Cursolo (Itay), Olot (Catalonia). *13-16th September 2021 Budapest, Pécs & Ceglédbercel in Hungary. *Supported by Body.Radical Performing arts Biennale & Korean cultural center and Medicine body studio.

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