“Our feelings and our bodies are like water flowing into water. We learn to swim within the energies of the body senses.” -Tarthang Tulku

 Medicine body workshop is based on somatic movement & oriental medicine to experience our body and mind in the present moment with all our senses.

This is an opportunity to dive into a process of pure feeling, sensing and perceiving, we reconnect to our inner landscape where we can bridge to a deeper sense of creation and healing within. This is our natural medicine.


According to Oriental medicine, human body is a mirror of nature and is made of energy. Yin& Yang which is known as a natural flow of energy, two opposite qualities of energies transforming one to the other to maintain a balance.

This principle is like our autonomic nervous system regulating between sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways.

By working with the flow of energy, I will guide you to a sensory practice in relation to double sensations (double awareness)

Feeling & being felt

Seeing & being Seen

Moving & being moved

Experiencing & being experienced

We will explore through slow movement, inner vision practice, drawing and writing to transform and translate our inquiry process, and work as a group and partnering format to support each other’s journey.

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The workshop is designed for people;

  • Who want to find creative tools to manage body-mind symptoms in a holistic way. ( calming down the nervous system and experiencing a sense of rest and grounding)
  • To learn about a body-oriented practice, creative art & healing process.
  • To be informed about Oriental medicine & holistic health.

The workshop is open for everyone. Previous experience is not required.

  • Date & Time: 15th Oct 2-5pm @ Medicine Body studio. Potgieterstraat 39 sous
  • Cost : 90 euro ( 10 euro discount for medicine body studio clients)
  • Registration: ( Sign-up is necessary due to the limited space)


Somatic art workshop & 5 elements

29 & 30 October 2021 in Catalonia


This is an opportunity to dive into a process of a pure body and mind state. By feeling, sensing and perceiving, we reconnect to our deep listening ability where we can bridge to a deeper sense of creation and healing within. This is our natural medicine.

According to Oriental medicine, “Human body is a miniature of nature, made out of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. These elements are always living within us, to regenerate and nourish us in order to maintain life.”

In the workshop, we will explore through sensory movement with the qualities  5 elements to transform and translate our inquiry process.

The workshop is designed for people,

-Who want to connect to nature through body-oriented practice and creative art process.

-To learn about sensory awareness & creativity for inner work & wellbeing

-To find creative tools to manage body-mind symptoms

-To be informed about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Date & Time:

1. Open workshop for Faberllull & public- 29th October 2021 10AM -2PM

Taller exploratiu obert al públic general i a persones amb prescripció:  29 d’Octubre 2021 10-2PM – Espai Dansa Tradicional Marboleny (Les Preses)

2. Closed workshop for psychiatric doctors- 30th October 2021 10AM-3PM

Taller dedicat a personal sanitari: 

30 d’Octubre 2021 10-3PM – Can Trona (Vall d’en Bas) 

+Further info:Faberllull residency


20210922_231312 J.Ko & L. Llongueres

Jihae Ko*
She is a registered acupuncturist, dance artist & somatic teacher based in Amsterdam. Her work deals with healing and creation through sensory awareness and therapeutic process. She is a co-founder of Medicine body studio in Amsterdam where she facilitates ongoing sessions. She works closely with clients with body-mind symptoms and women’s health.

Laia Sadurní Llongueres**

She is a teacher and guide of Therapeutic Forest in Olot, Catalonia. She provides methodology in the creation and dynamization of projects for people committed to restoring healthy links between communities and nature. Designs and coordinates proposals through creative expression and the symbolic language of the arts.


Workshop ‘Deep listening body’ 

Artistic expression & TCM workshop  23 & 24 February 2019, 1pm to 6pm @ Medicine Body Studio, Amsterdam.


Deep listening body is a somatic movement workshop with traditional Chinese medicine knowledge to experience  our body & mind in the present moment with all our senses. In this workshop, I would like to invite you to a sensorial movement practice and energy work in order to listen to our inner process where we can experience a self -healing capacity. This is an opportunity to dive into the process of feeling, sensing and perceiving in order to reconnect to our deep listening ability.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, natural dynamic of body intelligence is known as Yin & Yang. This is a state of a constant interchange between being active & receptive, moving & stillness, the conscious & the unconscious, in order to maintain balance (equilibrium) in life. This natural medicine is a part of everyone when we are able to tune with it. When our body loses this capacity, it manifest as physical, emotional, mental symptoms and blockages.

We will explore through blindfolded exercises, drawing and writing to transform and translate our inquiry process, and work as a group and partnering format to support each other’s journey.

Energy work as hands-on practice with meridians & acu-points will be introduced to feel and read the body symptoms and to tune into the energetic field of our presence.

This workshop is designed for people

  • Who want to find creative tools to manage body symptoms in a holistic way.
  • To be informed about Traditional Chinese medicine.
  • To connect to the inner journey with curiosity and openness.
  • To learn about tools for body & mind practice.
  • To deepen knowledge in sensorial practice & Energy work.

*Date: 23 & 24 February 1pm to 6pm.   **Cost: Single day: 60euro,  2-days: 100 euro  (Early Bird: 90 euro, before 10th Feb)  ***Location: Medicine Body Studio Potgieterstraat 39 sous, Amsterdam – centrum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Space is limited. Sign up is necessary.

Contact: Jihae Ko  E-mail:  Tel: 31 6 2510 3713


Workshop “Medicine Body” @ 17th Feb, 12th May 2018, Anamorphic studio Amsterdam

This workshop is open for people wanting to connect on a deeper level to their own body, heart and mind as well as finding answers to their personal questions in a safe and nurturing environment. By understanding and applying the principles of intention, transformation and manifestation, we will learn how to bring clarity, focus and dreaming vision into any area of our life.

In this workshop we will take a closer look at the relationship between feeling and thinking, consciousness and intuition, Active state (Yang energy) and Receptive state (Yin Energy) to explore various tools for empowering our hearts to be creative, responsive and intelligent. This process will guide us to getting back to the power of our true presence that is deeply rooted in our bodies as a self- healing medicine.

Self-Inquiry, guided movement practice, writing, drawing and hands-on practice are part of the work in order to support us in our exploration of the theme.

-Introduction to Inquiry & Essential Movement: how the body and mind co-working together as a medicine.
-Sensory practice & Yin Yang energy awareness: awakening the body senses and energy awareness
-Inquiry, writing & Drawing for clarifying intention, Transformation, Manifestation of our personal process
-Hands-on practice: Listening, feeling, resting, allowing and communicating through touch.

“TUNING BODY LANDSCAPE”  @ Summer intensive program “Body awareness in Nature” Ile d’Aix, France 1st to 5th August 2016

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In this work, we dive into the transformative process between body and landscape through senses. We allow body as a tuning instrument that is receptive and connected to the environment.
We observe, listen, feel, smell and taste. This basic sensory functions guide us to explore movement and dance expression from the body sensation as well as becoming one with the environment.

The approach of this workshop is twofold:
1. Sensory Fieldwork
The first part of this workshop will be based on Sensory fieldwork. We will focus on the primary senses of the body to tune into the direct perception of the land. Through touch, smell, listening and looking/gazing we can allow the body to be informed by the surrounding ecosystem and the various habitats present on site. This sensory fieldwork will be guided and often blindfolded to deepen the perceptual field of the participants while being supported by an observing partner.

2. Body Centered Practice
Building on the sensory practice, the second part of the workshop will consist of integrating the experience of the land into a wide range of Body Centered Practice. Movement/dance explorations, imagery and improvisation tasks, voice and breath work, as well as various bodywork modalities to engage the participants into finding their artistic expression within the context of being on the land.

“Body Awareness”dans la nature


Biological Body workshop  @ Seoul Dance Center / 28th and 29th October 2015     Exploring the somatic movement as well as the plastic material as an extension of the body.

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SIDANCE- exchange program between Portuguese and Korean choreographers /22nd July -26th 2015 in  Lisbon Portugal.

Exploring somatic movement in parallel relation with a performative / choreographic approach.

“How  can we integrate somatic practice into performance and representation? “

Somatic movement workshop by Jihae Ko and Kay Patru @TreeInMind Art therapy association Seoul, Korea  2015-2016

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                                                                                                                                                                    Somatic practice integrates sensory function and perception into the moving body.         The body is perceived from within and radiates out into the environment in an act of constant transformation engendering multiple identities. The work focuses primarily on internal presence and external perception of space and other to enhance our movement vocabulary as well as our imaginative powers.

BODY LAYERS- There are three main functional layers of the body-  SKIN (the most superficial, sensitive layer), MUSCLE ( the most contractile layer) and BONE ( the most condensed layer). We explore the different quality of the each layer into movement and body-mind awareness.

BREATH-VOICE work  as a potential layer connecting the internal to the external environment as well as finding an intuitive sound expression.

The workshop is composed of a gradual warm-up designed to enhance our awareness of Skin, Muscle, Bone, Breath-Voice. Secondly this exploration is incorporated into improvisation tasks giving the participants a chance to develop this material further with discussion and feedback sessions.

Heart Intelligence workshop 

What does it mean to live and move from the heart?

Living and moving from the heart is an essential practice in our modern society due to its power to balance our emotions and provide us with a powerful guidance system in order to navigate life’s challenges. Listening from the heart’s perspective can bring a total transformation of one’s attitude and increase the capacity for self-love and empathy for others. In this series of workshops we will take a closer look at the relationship between feeling and thinking, and explore various tools for empowering our hearts to be creative, responsive and intelligent.

Self-inquiry, guided movement improvisation, voice work and somatic bodywork are part of the program in order to support us in our exploration of the theme.

Furthermore we will go deeper into:

What is self-inquiry and how does it work from the heart’s perspective?

Mapping the emotional guidance system to support our self-realization.

Empowering your dreams from the heart’s perspective.