Solitary dance – Sound of bones

Sound of bones


The Performance ‘’Solitary dance – Sound of bones’’ originated from the ribcage sculpture by visual artist Goeun Bae.
The Ribcage sculpture has a dual meaning and function. It protects the body as a house, it also confines and isolates it. It can attack the outer world like a weapon and can be also like a beautiful pair of wings.

In this performance, the sculpture becomes an extension of the physical shape, eventually becoming one with it, giving the body a new identity both ethereal, poetic and tangible. Movements resonate in space through sensory perception, breath, shadow and sound. The human as a landscape, the exploration of an unknown territory.

+Project director and ribcage sculpture by Goeun Bae
+Choreography and dance by Jihae Ko
+Choreographic assistance by Kay Patru
+Outside eye by Sylvain Meret
+Video by Melanja Palitta / BalnsLab                                                                                                    +Supported by AFK (Amsterdam funds for the arts) and FLAM (Forum of live art  Amsterdam),  12-16 May 2014 @ Art et Amicitiae Amsterdam.