Vilafranca, Spain


Sensorial body – Phenomenal space – Inquiry

This on-going project has been initiated by three artists/healers since 2016. The first research has been taken place in Vilafranca, Spain.

In this exploration, we dive into the transformative process between body and landscape through senses and awareness. Allowing body as a sensorial tuning instrument that is receptive and connected to the environment.


In order to understand the totality of the process

We inquire,

-Body as home, our earth. Body is a miniature of the universe.

-The field unfolding when body and environment tuning together.

-Inviting creativity to finding beauty and meaning in the forces of nature and offering gratitude.

– Exploring ancient wisdom such as taoism, traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy as well as Contemporary wisdom such as inquiry, awareness, non-duality and presence.

-Bridging the old and new wisdom to experience and evolve our human existence.

Co-creation by Jihae Ko, Kay Patru & L.Llongueres/ Vilafranca, 2016