Jihae Ko is an artist, movement teacher as well as  registered alternative medicine therapist ( Licensed acupuncturist and energy therapist) based in Amsterdam.

In recent years her work deals with sensory movement and therapeutic/healing process through the sensory and the perceptual, as a way of investigating the co- creative relation between body and environment.

Initially she worked many years as a dancer and choreographer collaborated with numerous artists for stage and exhibition work. For the last 10 years, her practice has been transitioning into a social choreography and process-oriented work based on research and session.

She is originally from South Korea where she began writing, dance and theatre at an early age, then moved to Canada and The Netherlands to deepen her study in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. She graduated from the school of Toronto Dance and The school for new dance development (SNDO). Furthermore she extended her study into alternative medicine and healing practice. Graduated from Acupuncture therapy (BA) and Western medicine in Shenzou open university of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Trained in various hands-on and energy therapies.

-Co-creation, Continuum movement, Authentic movement, body weather training

– Presence & Inquiry: Jiddu Krishnamurti, Fernando Pessoa, A.H. Almaas, Rupert Spira have been a great influence to her practice.

She is a co-owner of Medicine Body Studio where she facilitates ongoing private and group sessions in Amsterdam.

She is committed to bridge art and therapy where her interpersonal growth meets necessity and offering.

Main choreographic experience
-Leeum Samsung Contemporary Art Museum/exhibition of artist Olafur Eliasson “ Parliament of Possibilities”
-11th, 12th Masdanza (Gran Canaria), Sophiensale(Germany), Lantern Venster theater(Nederland), Melkweg Theater(Nederland)
-Seoul Dance Center (KR) ,Dansateliers (NL)and Generale oost(NL).
-Prize in Festival of choreographic miniatures in Belgrade, 2006.

Main teaching experience
-Korean Dance therapy association (KR)
-Seoul Buddhism university(KR)
-Treeinmind art therapy association(KR)
-Seoul Dance center (KR)
-Co-creation retreat(FR)
-Ongoing private & group sessions(NL)