Sensory Body Landscape

Sensory Body Landscape is part of my ongoing research project ‘Healing & Creation’ that is initiated since 2012. 

Exploring co-relations between human & nature, learning from ancient wisdom and embody the essential teachings in our contemporary body for artistic process and healing practice.

In 2021, the research was invited to Faberllull residency in Olot, Spain where I worked closely in nature of Catalonia. I collaborated with a local forest guide/teacher Laia Ilongueres. We explored specific locations in relation to 5 elements (Oriental medicine context) in order to embody the water, earth and fire wisdom. 

In the end of the research, we also offered open workshops for the public as well as a group of healthcare practitioners. The outcome is registered as a video work by Carles Lopez (Olot based film maker).

-Work: Ko Jihae
-Video: Mandala video/ Carles Lopez
-Sound: Healing vibration 

+Supported by Medicine body studio, Faberllull & L.Ilongueres.

“Human body is a miniature of nature, made out of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. These elements are always living within us, to regenerate and nourish us in order to maintain life.” -Oriental Medicine