Ancient wisdom, Movement and Nature

“How can we bring a vision to enlighten human existence and learn from the nature intelligence for co-existence and co-creation?”

‘Ancient Wisdom, Movement and Nature’ is an on-going collaborative project based on interdisciplinary art process and embodiment practice for creativity and healing.

The work focuses on site-specific explorations. Bringing together processes and methodologies from both healing and creativity practices in order to let the natural environment and human body interact/exchange. In doing so the research aims to bring ancient teaching in our contemporary body and contextualize it in artistic practice. 


+5 elements as map

According to Taoist tradition and Oriental Medicine (OM), the human body is a miniature of nature, made out of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. These elements are always living within us, to regenerate and nourish us in order to maintain life. 5 elements theory intertwines with the internal organ system. Including both the physiological functions of our organs as well as the metaphysical aspects of emotion, wisdom and spiritual meaning of these organs in our human body.

+Score- based- embodiment- process

5 elements as a basis for score-based explorations. Each score (a small set of guidelines) is created with the unique elemental qualities and serves as an invitation to embody the elemental wisdom. The experience of each score is registered as creative expression – such as movement, poetry, voice, drawing and video recordings.

+Collaboration by J.Ko and L.Llongueres