Fluid Mosaic

Post human

Notions of presence and materiality

Embodied space

Fluid mosaic/ phenomenal space ( 2106-2014) is a choreographic work exploring the concept of space as a texture that can be felt and experienced directly through the senses. In this workspace becomes a material, a field of awareness which merges with the presence of the dancers. Their bodies become permeable to their inner sensations as well as mirrors of the surrounding landscape. This experimental dance performance invites the audience to question the perception of the body, environment, and sound as a continuum of phenomena, thereby revealing the invisible nature of things themselves.

Choreography: Jihae Ko, Kay Patru                                                                                          Performance: Je Sung Lee, Ji Yae Jeon, Jihae Ko, Kay Patru                                                      Sound: Remi Klemensiewicz                                                                                                                Visual: Min Jeong Geum

Supported by Seoul Dance Center and Ujeongguk @ 2016

Fluid Mosaic @ 2015

FLUID MOSAIC is an interactive installation performance using  movement, live sound, light projection and plastic material. It is inspired by human biology. The design of the environment suggests the internal world of the human body as it takes us on a visual journey of cellular fluids and fascia network. We manipulate plastic to find its transformative properties and biological correspondence. The result is a production of physical movements, visual images and live sound derived from this material.

FLUID MOSAIC as a metaphor of the exchange, and collaboration between people, technology and artistic ideas. We are interested in the permeable boundaries between various artistic approaches and the emergence of mutual transformation. The meeting point of this collaboration practice is similar to the intelligent patterns of the cellular membrane also called Fluid Mosaic membrane due to its constant dynamic of selection and exchange taking place between the inside and the outside of the cell.

Credits                                                                                                                                           Performance/ Choreography : Jihae Ko, Kay Patru
Media: Oliver Griem
Sound: Remi Klemensiewicz, Tae Sun Yoo, Marie Guilleray

Supported by Seoul Dance Center, Seoul International Improvisation festival, Danslab CLOUD, Ephemere Series /Studio Loos (NL)  2015-2016