Quarantine, 04-04-2020, Amsterdam

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 00.36.38

Woke up with a disturbed dream
Took a shower quickly
Ran to the park
Rain came
Kept running
Sensed a silent sadness
Kept running
Sensed a lost soul
Kept running
Sensed the sun rising
Arrived to my companion
Sensed golden light filling the space

Into the new

I dance with you.




Quarantine, 25-03-2020, Amsterdam


Since we are facing the unexpected circumstances, What I can trust is my body. This is my own way of existing in this moment, containing all the emotions in my shadow and dance in silence.

This dance is for you all in this journey of the unknown.




Home, 20-02-2020 Amsterdam

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 23.22.52My origin as a gift in medicine practice

keep on exploring as a dancer of life

embrace new energy

new earth

on my 41st birthday.




Familiar room, 08-10-2019, Lugo Spain


This place has been waiting for me to be back to rest to listen children playing outside just like 30 years ago in old memories of somebody I know, I dance I rest with.

익숙한 방.
오랜동안 머무르고 기다려온 공간.
나를 아는
나를 듣는
아이들이 뛰어 노는 소리
30년 전 누군가의 기억 속에 나와 함께 춤추던
쉬는 방.