Dream catcher


Dream catcher (work in progress)

The initiation of the project comes from an urgent inquiry on how to translate human innate wisdom in daily life, how to bridge to invisible world where human existence can connect to deeper dimensions of reality.

Especially in theses uncertain times where we face isolation, anxiety, fear and hopelessness,  how can we  reconnect to our dreaming ability to support each other for collective dreaming?

In this process, we create a collective dream field for 1 month, follow specific dream practices and rituals.

Each week, a specific practice is given to the dreamers to guide them to sensorial perception, letting go process and manifestation practice for self-discovery and empowerment.

Since the open call for participation, we are 16 dreamers to explore this journey.

Dream Period: 31 days
Beginning: 1st May 2020
End: 31st May 2020
Dream catchers: Christoph Leuenberger, Melanja Palitta, Huich Chiu, Lilja björk Hermannsdottir, Marta Navaridas, Milvia Martinez, Marc Keller, Jiyoung Goo(구지영), Rosalie Bak, Coco den Blanken, Roline Brunnekreeft, Anna Mendos Munoz, Vincent Duc, Majo Villafaina, Reiko Yamada, Jihae Ko.

Initiated by J. Ko